AAS (AIDS awaReness society)

AIDS Awareness Society (AAS), a non government, non-profit and secular organization, was formed to devote all its efforts towards the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS. It was established in 1993, as AIDS Awareness Group (AAG) , by a group of highly professional and motivated individuals who are committed to the cause of bringing about an attitudinal change in the Adolescents especially students and teachers of High Schools and high risk group i.e., HIV/AIDS patients and Professional Sex Workers (PSWs) for prevention of HIV/AIDS. It was recognized under the Societies Act XXI, 1860 in December 2001 and is currently working under the banner of AIDS Awareness Society (AAS) with coordinated group work, critical appraisal and field-testing; the team develops messages and mechanism that suit the need of addressing the issue in an acceptable, understandable, pragmatic and culturally sensitive method.

AAS Strategies:

The AAS strategies are research, capacity building, networking and counseling where
*KAB (Knowledge, Attitude, Behavior),
*KAP (Knowledge, Attitude, Practice), and
*PRA (Participatory Rapid Appraisal) are core approaches.